Our 2016 Annual General Meeting will be help on September 17th, 2016, at the Sandman Hotel in Penticton BC.  Please contact our office for more information.

We are delighted to have our own Marijke Dallimore Lindsay who really needs no introduction.  We also have regrets from Dr. Elizabeth Dean who must be in Sweden at the time of our AGM. 

'What the Clinical Trials Don't Tell You: My Path Toward Resilience Living With Polio Over My Life Course' by Marijke Dallimore Lindsay

Marijke will address the ‘ups and downs’ in resilience over her life course, she herself living with a history of polio, which many will be able to identify with and share. She will describe how awareness can bolster the ‘ups’ and lessen the ‘downs’ of the life journey. Although clinical trials can have a major role in examining the physiological effects of biomedical interventions, it is less-well quantifiable attributes such as ‘resilience and mindfulness’ that often can determine the outcome of interventions tested by clinical trial or that largely contribute to quality of life in general. Marijke will describe her experience with managing her personal resilience through such techniques as awareness and mindfulness and how these strategies have worked for her. There will be an opportunity for others to share their experiences so that others may gain the benefit of the collective knowledge of the group.

We hope to have two other speakers so this will be a most informative event.  Please call the office to say if you intend to attend as we need the numbers for food.  Please note there is no attendance fee ost to come to the AGM. 

If you require accommodation the Sandman Hotel is prepared to give you a special rate so please tell them you are a PPASS member.   

I hope to see many of you there,

Joan Toone

President PPASS BC